Vessel Floats

Vessel Floats a mindfulness-oriented spa, located in Brooklyn, granted our team access to capture what it feels like to “Experience Nothing” while inside their uniquely designed deprivation tanks. From the outside looking in you would think it’s just an ordinary spa – we wanted to spark curiosity and show it wasn’t that simple.

W Magazine “Fashion Film”

We collaborated with W Mag and took their vision of giving street-style fashion a new look and feel. We brainstormed on ways to bring Street-Style, Animation, and Film all in one. We landed on the idea to bring the clothing to life with animations and delivered exactly that.

Noor Shamma Jewelry

We created a visual campaign based on Noor and her NYC-based jewelry company Noor Shamma. We went to her warehouse in South Brooklyn and filmed her entire process from the ideation and creation of her collection Répertoire. 

Adidas Superstar Campaign

In an event like Fashion Week, we rarely get to hear the stories of the artist behind the lens. We interviewed 10 photographers about their process in this collaboration piece with SOmedia.

Blender WorkSpace: Ad, Blender workspace visual walkthrough of their Midtown location

A private community of established professionals seeking an elevated work experience, located on 135 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10016.

Boombotix “Obey Me”

This project was a tribute to Ol’ Dirty Bastard and his affinity for sweets. In this collaboration with Boombotix, we featured ODB’s son “YDB” (young dirty bastard) to launch an exclusive speaker with an unreleased track from the vault of ODB and WuTang.

Tomorrow World T-Mobile

This short film, produced by Elite Daily, brings audiences into the heart of the festival through the eyes of a young millennial photographer.

Lamelo Ball Overtime Challenge

As Head of Video at Overtime, MF conceptualized the viral series, Overtime Challenge. In this episode, LaMelo set the bar high for season 2.